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Techno-scientific and cultural association


The association was set up in 1993 with a view to generating awareness among central and local authorities, entrepreneurs, associations, free-lance professionals and citizens of the need to promote the creation of networks of "Telematic Piazzas" and "Teleautomobile Centres" as indispensable public national infrastructures to foster an environmentally sound model of economic and industrial development and assist in the transition from an industrial economy to a digital and communication-based economy.

The association works through individual members (university lecturers and professionals working in fields such as town-planning, telematics, information technology, socioeconomic activities and transport) and collective members of an institutional and industrial nature to carry out interdisciplinary research and studies in the following areas:

  • urban and territorial phenomena lending themselves to involvement in the transformation of cities into wired cities where the new telematic networks (optical fiber, gsm, umts, satellite, ecc.) will make it possible to redraw the map of functional, organizational and administrative components with respect both to the traditional "centrality" of the historical city or industrial areas and to the undifferentiated fabric of the urban periphery and the departmental territories made up of small and medium-sized towns;

  • the planning required so that telematic networks can become a tool serving to restore balance between the mobility of people and the mobility of information;

  • the impact on mobility requirements and transport systems;

  • the impact on the environment and the quality of life.

The association seeks to foster the exchange of ideas and cooperation among all bodies involved in ongoing projects and activities concerned with the management of urban spaces and telematic services that can be encompassed in Pilot Schemes forming a useful point of reference for the definition of technical standards and quality requisites for the network of Telematic Piazzas and Teleautomobile Centers.



from the first initiatives to the Pilot Schemes


1982-1984 Infrastructure of self-service telematic services at a chamber of commerce

1986-1990 12 telecentres for journalists covering the 1990 Soccer World Cup in Italy

1993 Creation of the Associazione Piazze Telematiche (logo registered with the Patent Office of the Italian Ministry of Industry)

1994 Participation in drafting the Megaride 94 Charter for town planning in the 21st century Federico II University of Naples (Prof. Corrado Beguinot)

1994 - 1995 - Urban Utopias: new tools for the renaissance of European cities (U.E. DGXII European Conference Berlin 1995)

1995 Municipalities and IT networks: Piazze Telematiche PubbliSmau 95 pavilion (SMAU 95)

1996 Network of telematic piazzas ( HABITAT II - Istanbul 1996)

1996 From the city to the wired city ( Europolis 96 Bologna)

1996 Piazza Telematica - PubbliSmau96 pavilion (The Public Administration and the National System SMAU 96)

1996 - 1997 Collaboration with the Naples City Council Urban Pilot Scheme "A Network of Telematic Piazzas for the City of Naples" http://www.technapoli.it/piazza/piazze/piazzetelematiche.html

1997 Feasibility study for a telematic piazza in the Municipality of Colleferro

1997 Mobility in the 21st century: virtual and physical (Motorshow 97 - Bologna)

1998 Telematic infrastructures and territory (Europolis 98 - Bologna)

1998 Launch of "Glocal Village" Pilot Scheme (Alteretto in Val di Susa)

1998 Annual conference 8 October 1998 : "A network of telematic piazzas for development and employment" Conference;

1998 Mobility in the 21st century: virtual and physical (Motorshow 98 Bologna)

1999 Inclusion of PIAZZE TELEMATICHE projects in PRUSST - Programmes for Urban Upgrading and Sustainable Development of National Territory: http://www.provincia.asti.it/piazzetelematiche

1999 - Telematic Highways: public and privatized PubbliSmau99

1999 Information Society Forum Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri http://www.palazzochigi.it/fsi




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